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Wuxi Sutong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Qianqiao Street, the Taihu Lake City, which is on the bank of the beautiful Taihu Lake. The convenient transportation conditions and excellent service enable our company to closely connect with over 100 domestic and foreign customers and friends.

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The mechanical arm equipment lead screw production factory promises to keep promises "Sutong Machinery"

The faults caused by ball screws are diverse and have no fixed pattern. Some faults are gradual and require a development process, which becomes increasingly severe with the increase of usage time; Sometimes it is a sudden malfunction, usually without obvious signs, but it occurs suddenly. This type of malfunction is caused by various unfavorable factors and the combined action of the outside world. So determining the true cause of the malfunction through correct detection is a prerequisite for fast and accurate maintenance.



Micro screw reliable recommendation "Sutong Machinery"

Multiple diversion and convergence, changing the flow direction to homogenize the composition and temperature of the melt. The mixing section is an inward slotted structure set at the end of the ordinary screw homogenization section, with an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of the screw. The trench is divided into several groups, and between each group is the convergence area of materials. The material is divided by grooves, converged in the convergence area, and then divided and converged. The principle is similar to the pin type. The characteristic of a separated screw is that in addition to the original screw thread (called the main screw), there is also an additional thread (called the additional thread) on the melting section, whose outer diameter is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the main thread. The lead of the main and auxiliary threads is different. The auxiliary thread starts from the end of the feeding section (and is connected to the feeding section), passes through several threads, and gradually intersects with the main thread of the homogenization section. The depth of the screw groove and the thread lead of this screw gradually change from the feeding section to the homogenization end. The thread lead gradually narrows from width, and the depth of the screw groove gradually shallows from depth, which can compress the material.



Introduction to Production Variable Distance Screw Service "Sutong Machinery"

The application of cutting fluid in worm cutting process can improve the service life, improve the machining surface quality, and facilitate the discharge of cutting heat without causing thermal deformation of the machine tool. It can reduce the consumption of cutting fluid and cooling treatment equipment, avoid environmental pollution, and improve production power



Trapezoidal screw price inquiry and quotation "online consultation"

Trapezoidal screw is a commonly used transmission component in various types of precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotational motion into linear motion or torque into axial reciprocating force, while also possessing the characteristics of reversibility. Widely used in industries such as semiconductors, precision machine tools, woodworking machinery, electric tools, sports equipment, machinery, food machinery, optical instruments, automation equipment, printing machinery, automotive manufacturing equipment, laser engraving, artificial board machinery, electronics industry, papermaking machinery, positioning and load-bearing devices, conveying (manufacturing and transportation) devices, packaging machinery, etc.